Hi Betty, I wanted to thank you for all your help with my language prep for this trip. Here are some examples of how it really helped: At the OPERA, we were in a box that was very cramped and when an Italian man explained to everyone that there was more room in front I was able to understand and get us front row seats. THANK YOU BETTY. At the house we rented the housekeeper needed some direction and I was able to to communicate our needs to her, which meant the garbage was taken out daily and the bathrooms were cleaned. THANK YOU BETTY. We did a lot of driving and when I had to ask for directions I was able to understand and get us back on the right road. THANK YOU BETTY. I was able to make dinner reservations over the phone. THANK YOU BETTY. I was able to buy produce and other food in small markets. THANK YOU BETTY. While shopping I was able to ask for alternate colors and sizes. THANK YOU BETTY.  had some conversations with cab drivers. THANK YOU BETTY. Your prep work really helped me and it made our trip SO much more enjoyable. Grazie mille!” - J.

— Personal Trainer

"Betty makes learning Italian fun, productive and not at all scary. When I arrived in Italy after only 8 months of lessons, I felt as if I had taken years of Italian. I was so pleased at how easy it was for me to get right into the flow of speaking! I have Betty to thank for that.” - Kristen A.

— Make Up Artist

When I moved to the Portland area six months ago, I wanted to continue with the Italian lessons that I had begun several years ago. I interviewed several potential teachers and chose Betty because of her superior language skills. Additionally, since Betty also learned Italian as an adult, she understands how difficult it can be for an adult to learn a new language. She has been an excellent choice for me, and I recommend her highly.” - Sharon W.

— Student

Betty Schmidt is a Godsend! I wanted my kids, who are 7 and 5 years old, to study Italian and learn something about the culture and I was so lucky to find her. Right from the beginning she capitalized on my children’s interests and built her lesson plans around them. They both love to draw so she incorporates art into their activities. My kids come away from their lessons as wound up and giggly as they would a play date; spouting out Italian phrases all the way home! It’s not always easy to interest children in a foreign language; but Betty has the patience and creativity to do it. I recently began lessons with her, myself, and was nervous about starting, but Betty is very open and encouraging and I found myself chatting with her in my fractured beginning Italian as though she were an old friend. Professoressa Schmidt e fantastica!” - Teresa D.

— Writer

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